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Dr. Pradeep Kumar TS, PhD

ACM Distinguished Speaker

IEEE Senior Member

Associate Professor, 

School of Computing Science and Engineering,

Vellore Institute of Technology - Chennai Campus

My YouTube Channel - Engineering Clinic

My Websites:

  • Has about 19 years of teaching experience and 1 year of industrial experience

  • Have Hands-On-Experience in field of Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor networks, Network Modelling and Simulation, Embedded real time systems, E learning Methodologies.

  • Has published more than 10 papers in various international journals/conferences

  • Hands on experience in Linux Operating System to the System/Kernel level. 

  • Implemented and trained almost all teaching methodologies (chalk and talk, Projector based, collaborative learning, peer learning and flipped classroom)

  • Deployed and administering Open Source Learning Management system (LMS) MOODLE in the campus caters to 300 teachers and 7000 students with various activities including Course management, Quizzes, Assignment, Laboratory Record submission, etc.(

  • Deployed Virtual Programming Laboratory for more than 30 programming languages that can be compiled, executed within a browser.

  • Deployed Big Blue Button, a Virtual classroom software where the students and faculty can have a session outside the campus. 

  • Acted as a resource person for more than 75 institutions across the country in the areas of Network simulation, MOODLE, Learning Management Systems, Internet of Things. 

  • Presently with Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) – Chennai


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