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My Creations

  • Blended and MOOC Learning
    • MOODLE a Course Management System is currently in use at VIT Chennai that caters to more than 9000 users of this university (
    • Big Blue Button, A Virtual Classroom software that caters to 5000+ users of this university for online classrooms where the students and faculty can be from anywhere in the world interact together.
    • Virtual programming Laboratory (Jail Server) is deployed for online coding events and automated source code verification using test cases and hidden test cases. This also caters to 5000+ users of this university.
  • Created my own Linux distribution that powers the entire VIT Chennai Campus (Computer Science and Engineering) with more than 85% of the laboratories converted to Linux.
  • Conducted more than 90+ workshops on Network Simulation workshops in various parts of the country.
  • Conducted more than 15 training programmes in MOODLE. Conducted more than 10 training programmes in Linux and Open Source Technologies.
    • Earned a certificate as a mentor for Embedded System Design course Offered by NPTEL during Jan – July 2017
  • Have a YouTube channel on Networks, Embedded Systems, MOODLE and Open source technologies with almost 1000 subscribers with almost 100 videos.
  • Also maintains two websites and that delivers information related to open source, lecture notes, learning strategy, etc.
  • Taken a one hour webinar on 23rd Nov 2016 for and the URL is More than 600 participants attended the webinar


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