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Idhayam oru Koyil song | flute notes

Idhayam oru kovul is one of the soothing song by Ilaiyaraja and its easy also to play in flute with the following notes. Both Western and Carnatic notes are included here. Follow the video on, how the song look like Song: Idhayam oru kovil Film: Idhaya kovil Notes: s r2 g3 p d2 n3 S idhayam oru koavil adhil udhayam oru paadal p.d.s   ss  r  g   g g   p.d.s   ss  r  g G.A.C   CC  D  E   E E   G.A.C   CC  D  E idhil vaa..zhum dhaevi nee g g   g2g  g2g  r   s  n.d. E E   D#E  D#E  D   C  B.A. isaiyai malaraay naanum soottuvaen rr1 r   r r1 r   p  p   g2  r s DC# D   D C# D   G  G   D#  D C (idhayam oru) Stanza 1: aathma raagam on..rildhaan vaazhum uyirgal enrumae gp  p  pd p   grs g  r     gp pS   dd  p   grs s EG  G  GA G   EDC E  D     EG GC+   AA  G   EDC C uyirin jeeva naa..didhaan raagam thaalam aa..nadhae gp p   pd p  grs  g r     gp pn  d   p   grs s s EG G   GA G  EDC  E D     EG GB  A   G   EDC C C uyiril kalandhu paadumboadhu edhuvum paadalae gg gp  g g2 g2  g  gp gg2 g2 gp  pn2

Mayile Mayile Song - Flute Notes - Carnatic or Sargam Notes

Mayile Mayile Song by Ilayaraja One of my favourite song #MayileMayile by #Ilayaraja . I tried the song without any background music. Recorded and added Reverb in #iMovie . Song rendition in flute with full flute notes. Notes for this Song: Song: MayilE mayilE Film: KadavuL amaitha mEdai Notes: s r2 g3 p n3 S MayilE mayilE...unn thOhai ingE gpp p p p pg gp pS Sn p pg oyilE oyilE... unn oonjal ingE... gpp p pp pg gp pS Sn p pg kuLir kaalamallavO.. thanimaiyil vidalaamO.. g p pS Sn pgp gr g r s r n.n.r rg thaLirudal thodalaamO... p g r g s n.r rg gp mayilE mayilE... mayilE mayilE... p p p p p n Snp p p p p p p (notes similar to above) mayilE mayilE...unn thOhai ingE oyilE oyilE... unn oonjal ingE... oru sondhamillaiyO.... uravugaL valaraadhO...ninaivugaL malaraadhO mayilE mayilE...mayilE mayilE... Stanza 1: Thendral thaalaatta thennai irukka... nS nS nS nS S pS S SS RSn adhu thannai marakka... (thendral) SS p S S SG R