AWK Scripts for NS2 - NS2 Tutorial # 8

AWK Scripts for ns2
This is one of the important in ns2 as we are going to analyse the performance metrics of the network

In this session, we are going to see the following metrics.

1. Average Throughput
2. instant Throughput
3. Packet Delivery Ratio
4. Residual Energy of the nodes.

A - Aho
W - Weinberger
K - Keninghan

Easy to implement and process.




In ns2, new trace format, there could be as many as 52 columns. Each column specify some parameters. Viewers are requested to go through these parameters through the documentation.

in aAWK,
$1 refers 1st column
$2 refers 2nd column and so on...

awk can be run using either of these commands

$] awk -f filename.awk

$] gawk -f filename.awk

Average throughput is done

you can download this source code in

Instant Throughput

with two values to plot the characteristics.

Residual Energy of the individual nodes AND ALSO THE AVERAGE RESIDUAL ENERGY OF ALL NODES.

We have seen four awk scripts

1. Average throughput
2. Instant throughput
3. Packet delivery ratio
4. Residual energy of a node.

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