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Adding a New module in Contiki OS

Adding a new sensor in the exisiting board called as sht11 sensor.  It already has two sensors called temperature and humidity and

I am going to add pressure sensor.

Any sensors can be added.

Please listen to the full lecture to know about the fundamentals.

Step 1 : We will see the output in a html window through websense module

Sensor is recording a data to the browser. The browser shows two values , one is light sensor and another is tempeature, we will be adding two more values called
humidity and pressure in the browser.

Step 2: Do the modification as per the video.
As per the changes, please do make changes in the following files

Download the source code from this link

I have given the csc file also for opening the project directly in cooja.

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Thanks for watching.

Powertrace in Contiki OS

How to use power trace in contiki OS - COOJA Framework powertrace How to use powertrace in contiki OS (COOJA) Powertrace is an application which print the power consumption details of a sensor node (MOTE) hello world application How to use powertrace 1. After the process_begin(), give the following command in teh source file powertrace_start(CLOCK_SECOND*5) 2. Include the header file #include "powertrace.h" 3. Make a change in the MAkefile preferably in the second line APPS+=powertrace save and then compile it using COOJA simulator. refer my youtube channel Engineering Clinic Also refer my website

CoAP in Contiki OS

RPL Border Router in Contiki OS - Version 2

RPL Border Router in Contiki OS - Version 1

Internet of Things and 6LoWPAN

Introduction to Coniki OS for IoT