MOODLE Installation

This post shows you the installation of MOODLE in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Long Term Support). A complete video is given below for installation of moodle.

MOODLE is LMS (Learning Management System)

MOODLE can be installed on a

  • Small Desktop (PC) 
  • Tower Server
  • Blade Server 
  • Private Cloud
  • Public or Hybrid Cloud 

Linux is powerful for moodle.

Two software are needed.
LAMP Server (Linux Apache MySQL Php)
Bitnami LAMP STACK - I already downloaded
Visit to download

MOODLE software - Prefer Always the latest stable version. I already downloaded.

Port number 80 is used

To which port number, 80 to be used (for this i need to be a super user or administator in this machine).

Installed in a folder called /opt (this folder is accessible only to super users)

Copy the files to /opt

$] sudo cp /opt/
$] cd /opt/
$] sudo chmod 755
To check the file permissions,
$] ls -l

BITNAMI LAMP Stack installed successfully.
To start using a terminal, here is the command

MOODLE installation

There is afolder called

$] cd /opt/lamp*/apache2/htdocs
$] sudo tar zxvf moodle-3.5.tgz
$] cd moodle/

By T S Pradeep Kumar