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NS-2.35 (ns2) installation in various Linux distros

There are so many flavors of linux and so many distros. Installing a particular software in each one of these linux needs knowledge on the package management and other basic settings related to the software source. NS2 also has similar issues when it is installed on different platforms or distributions. This post will let you know how to install ns-2.35 in various distributions. Most of the posts of the following are linked with Recommendations: Use always the Long Term Support (LTS) operating systems, if you are using Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Ex. Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04. These LTS has a support of upto 5 years. Ubuntu 12.04 has support of upto 2017 and 14.04 has the support of upto 2019. If you are a beginner, better to use Ubuntu or Linux Mint , which is a user friendly Linux OS. Linux Mint is doing well these days, so everyone can prefer Linux Mint as the OS, as it comes with all the audio, video codecs, support for all development and it uses the synaptic package mana