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Command Based Youtube downloader for Linux (youtube-dl)

Downloading videos to local machine is always a challenge as the streaming sites keep on updating their policies in blocking the videos. But there is a tool that is available in the command line (Terminal based) on Linux Operating Systems. That is youtube-dl, this is a python based code and can be executed in linux OS without any hassles. youtube-dl in windows or Mac OS can be achieved by installing python interpreter and try it. for installing in linux, the command is $prompt] sudo yum install youtube-dl (in redhat or centos or fedora) $prompt]  sudo apt-get install youtube-dl (ubuntu or linux mint) See the image for downloading in Fedora 20 Youtube-dl in Fedora 20 In ubuntu, you can update the sudo package before installing the youtube-dl. sudo apt-get update To download videos  $prompt] youtube-dl the above command will download the video in the best possible format. See the image below. The video downloaded is of the format

Functions and Protocols of OSI Layer

Functions of osi layer in computer networks from Pradeep Kumar TS Pradeep Kumar TS

OSI Layers

OSI Layers from Pradeep Kumar TS Pradeep Kumar TS

IEEE 802 Standards for Computer Networks

IEEE 802 Standard for Computer Networks from Pradeep Kumar TS Pradeep Kumar TS