Installing tracegraph in a 64 bit Linux Machine (Linux Mint or Ubuntu)

Since recent days, the 64 bit operating systems were deployed in many computers. Of late, we would like to use the older softwares that were compatible only to 32 bit OS. One such software is tracegraph that will be running comfortably on a 32 bit machine, but is lacks in running in 64 bit machine. This post will help you in understanding how to install tracegraph in a 64 bit machine.

so installing tracegraph in a 64 bit machine needs a special instruction like this

In Ubuntu and Linux Mint,

if you get error like this

bash: ./trgraph: No such file or directory

(this is mainly because you are trying to run in a 64 bit machine)

Issue the following command,

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

(it may download nearly 80MB of software)


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