Windows 8 along with Mac Lion OS in Mac Mini

Windows 8 can be installed on any Mac Machines using the following options.
What do you actually need:
  1. Windows 8 Release Preview in a DVD (OS Bootable)
  2. A Mac computer(Mac Book, Pro, Mac Mini, etc)
  1. Insert your DVD that contains windows 8 Release preview.
  2. Open "Boot Camp Assistant " Software in Mac OS. Click Continue and select to install Windows 7 (Even for installing windows 8, you can select the windows 7 installation option)
  3. Select the partition size of atleast 30GB and click "install" in Boot camp.
  4. Automatically the system reboots. during reboot, press and hold the "option" (Next to Control Key) key in Mac Keyboard.
  5. The bootable options will be shown like this Macintosh HD ---- Recovery HD ----- Windows 8
  6. Select "Windows 8" and proceed, will take 15- 30 minutes to install windows 8.
  7. Once windows 8 is installed, the Mac OS will not be shown in the bootable menu and automatically windows 8 boots everytime you restart.
  8. To select Mac OS, press and hold option key and step 5 will appear and select "Macintosh HD".
  9. If you want to see the Macintosh HD's content inside windows 8, then download the supporting softwares while you make the partition in Boot Camp Assistant.
So now you have two OS installed on a Mac Computer, Windows 8 and Mac OS Lion.