Hot Potatoes - Quizzing for Engineers

Conducting Quiz for College/university is always a challenge. If the answers are to be corrected in papers manually, time kick off. So here is a smarter way to do that quizzing using Hot Potatoes

Hot Potatoes is free software can be downloaded for almost all the OS(perfect for windows, Using Wine emulator inside linux and also there is a java version for Mac OS)

The software can be downloaded from this link

Using this software one can create

  • Multiple choice question (JQuiz)
  • Multiple option questions (JQuiz)
  • Matching between terms (JMatch)
  • Cloze Questions (JCloze)
  • Crosswords (JCross)

All of these above options will be previewed in a browser and simply a html file is enough to carry to the classroom. For assessement, a link can be given to the students pointing to the html file.

Also the hot potatoes question formats can be accepted by MOODLE (Learning Management System) Software and can conduct a regular exam also. 

Have a Try!!!! 

(will posting more about hot potatoes like how to create a quiz, crossword, etc)