Dropped your iPod/Phone in Water–How to fix it?

How to dry your phone or iPod that is been dropped in water or washbasin. Here are the quick step you can follow to make your phone dry.

Before going to the service center, you can try this out as a remedial measure. Sometimes it works perfectly. (you need not even go to the service center for servicing the phone)

Step 1: Once the Phone/iPod/iPhone is dropped in water, try to get it back as soon as possible.

Step 2: Automatically your phone would have been switched off. Else switch it off immediately as the water should not flow inside the circuit board. (Don’t try to charge your phone also, as it may completely damage the phone)

Step 3:  Take a small bowl with rice and keep your phone/iPod inside the bowl containing rice. Rice has the property of absorbing the moisture (no matter how deep the moisture inside the phones). Keep the phone atleast for one full day.

Step 4: After a day, you may switch on the phone and see what happens. The success rate for the phone to work perfectly is 70%. If still the problem persists like your phone/iPod is not switching on, keep it for one more day and  try it. Even after that if it is not working, you may visit the service center for repair.

Two weeks back, I dropped my iPod in a wash basin and the iPod was inside the wash basin for more than an hour. But within 24 hours of rice massage, my iPod is working perfectly fine.