Send email attachments to Dropbox

Have you ever wonder to send email that get stored in Dropbox. Here is a way to do it. Create a dropbox account and connect the account with this website

Once you authorize dropbox to this website, you will be getting a email id and just you can send email to this Mail ID. Automatically, the contents are stored in the "Attachments" folder inside dropbox. 

This will be a very nice application, if in case if your office does not have internet and you want to send information to someone else, you can send email and that gets stored in Dropbox.

Also if you are a teacher or professor, you can accept assignments, project reports to be sent to a email address and that gets stored in dropbox folder. Also there is a provision for a teacher to group the contents based on the students Registration number, categorize based on date of email or users email address.

Also if a small company want to hire employees, they can filter resumes based on the subject of the email. A Small example is given below


In the above image you can automatically unzip the contents of the email and as well you can categorize the emails like 

attachments / Date / Filename (so this is what the folder structure in Dropbox).

Try it!!!!


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