Use Evolution for Microsoft Exchange (MS Exchange) for Linux

If you have linux Operating system and if your company provides email facility in MS Exchange (Do not panic). Here are the steps you can do use Evolution.
If you are already aware of Evolution an Email client in Linux (Almost all the linux distros contains this default email client)
You need to download a small software to enable MS Exchange in Evolution.
I Tried in Fedora 16.
Step 1: Open the terminal and login to super user mode (type su and press enter, give the root password)
Step 2: type the command yum install evolution-mapi (if you are in Fedora), sudo apt-get install evolution-mapi (if you are in ubuntu)
Step 3: the above step will suffer you 19MB of space and press Y for accepting the download and installation
Step 4: after installation, open Evolution and Create a new account by supplyign your name and email Address, leave blank for the Reply to address and organisation
Step 5: Select the type of account (Select here at Evolution MAPI or simply MAPI) and give the name of your MS Exchange Server Address, username (your first part of email) and your password and validate it.
Step 6: Wait for sometime till it loads all the emails from your Server.