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Visit of Dr. Richard Stallman

Dr. Richard Stallman, the man behind the Free Software Foundation has visited IIT Madras on 6th February 2012. He gave a Lecture on “Free Software, Freedom and Education”. A 3 hour non stop talk at this age is really surprising for the listeners. A Short glimpse here He was exactly on time (started exactly 1PM IST) So many colleges/university students and faculty participated. Up to my knowledge atleast 40 buses from various parts of Chennai visited IIT Madras. 3 hours talk with questionnaire session. Giving Windows or Linux to a school student is equivalent to Whisky or water. He is much concentrating more on Freedom rather than open source. He advised the Government not to spoil the students by giving whisky (Windows). If anything given free, the value is not been felt. (that’s what happens with GNU/Linux). Some annoying things happened the audiences were interacting with other peers during the lecture. Dr. Stallman keep on telling them “Please be Quite, shhhhhhhhhhhh…..”.