C Compiler for Windows 7 64 bit Operating Systems

Turbo C Compiler is the best compiler so far until we are comfortable with Windows XP. After the Launch of Windows 7, the TC editor is not that much user friendly (as maximisation of DOS Window is hectic) and that too Turbo C was not scalable for 64 bit Windows 7.
But there are some c compiler tools that are quite comfortable to use with (32 bit as well 64 bit OS). Have a look at the following Links
There’s a tools Bloodshed Dev-Cpp which works under the gcc and Mingw is suitable for windows 7 64 bit OS. Also, if you have Microsoft visual C++, then it’s a good choice to run under windows 7 64bit.

So here are the various C compilers for 64bit windows 7 OS
In netbeans and eclipse the C compiler source path has to be set in to the path variable.

Pradeep Kumar TS


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