Permalinks are updated...

I have updated the permalinks structure like this




So, for the next two weeks, the google index may slightly go down. Even if your searched post is not there, please explore my site and find it.

I request all my readers to cooperate in this.

Sincerely for


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  2. Dear Professor,
    what about /%year%/%postname.html ??
    is it not good ???
    In my web site i have given this structure only ???

  3. the permalinks what i have given is SEO and adsense friendly and you can make good revenue and good search engine ranking.

    The year in the post will always be there in the search, then why it should be there in the url...

    so i changed it. But beware before changing becuase all your previous ranking may affect. but i tried smart 404 plugin in wordpress..
    because of this, my search ranking is doubled as well by google pagerank becomes 2 from 0 (within one month)


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