404 Error Pages and Permalinks

I have been running this site for more than 3 years and still the Google Pagerank is 1 and there was not much monetization. From this year onwards (2011), I was concentrating my domain to improve in terms of

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

2. Improving Back links

3. Brings more traffic.

As a first step, I installed All in one SEO and Wordpress SEO by Yoast for improvising the SEO.

Next, the permalinks (the links of my post) in the form of /%year%/%month%/%postname%.html (which I understood that this is one of the bad permalinks),

so I changed my permalinks to one of the best (/%post_id%/%postname%)

Because of this, there was another issue that, all my existing links with Google search will not fetch the correct webpages of mine.

So i have done these things

1. Created the sitemap.xml again (using a plugin XML Sitemaps for Google) and submitted to Google Webmasters

2. Wordpress handles the 301 redirection defaultly, (but the users of your website may not see the correct webpages they are looking for)

3. So here is another option called the "Smart 404" plugin for wordpress (Instead of showing the "Not Found" page, this plugin fetches the link from the search engine and tries to map the keywords of the link and map it with the posts and fetch the correct post and show it to the user)

4. Even if anybody wanted to update their permalinks for performance and SEO, Follow the above three steps.

(I wont held any responsibility, if anything wrong when you try these steps.)


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