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404 Error Pages and Permalinks

I have been running this site for more than 3 years and still the Google Pagerank is 1 and there was not much monetization. From this year onwards (2011), I was concentrating my domain to improve in terms of 1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 2. Improving Back links 3. Brings more traffic. As a first step, I installed All in one SEO and Wordpress SEO by Yoast for improvising the SEO. Next, the permalinks (the links of my post) in the form of /%year%/%month%/%postname%.html (which I understood that this is one of the bad permalinks), so I changed my permalinks to one of the best (/%post_id%/%postname%) Because of this, there was another issue that, all my existing links with Google search will not fetch the correct webpages of mine. So i have done these things 1. Created the sitemap.xml again (using a plugin XML Sitemaps for Google ) and submitted to Google Webmasters 2. Wordpress handles the 301 redirection defaultly, (but the users of your website may not see the correct webpages t

Permalinks are updated...

I have updated the permalinks structure like this /%post_id%/%postname from /%year%/%month%/%postname.html So, for the next two weeks, the google index may slightly go down. Even if your searched post is not there, please explore my site and find it. I request all my readers to cooperate in this. Sincerely for

Installing Network Simulator NS-2.35 RC8 in Fedora 15

This post tells you how to install NS-2.35 in Fedora 15. Step 1: Download the ns-2.35 from this link Step 2: untar this using the command tar zxvf ns-allinone-2.35-RC8 Step 3: change directory to ns-allinone-2.35-RC8 and type ./install (see a dot) Step 4: You may get an Error as following in Fedora 15 make: *** [mac/mac-802_11Ext.o] Error 1 To overcome this error, include the following (red) line in the ns-allinone-2.35-RC8/ns-2.35/mac/mac-802_11Ext.h #include <cstddef> and then go to step 3. Step 5 : Set the path and logout and login. (NB: for setting the path and installing ns-2.34 , refer this post)

Moodle cache clearance

We have hosted Moodle in our University campus catering to 1200 users. All the quizzes and some exams are also conducted in Moodle in our campus. Last week we accommodated nearly 180 students for taking a quiz which contains images, sounds, and text information. After sometime, the Server hangs to satisfy the needs of the user. So we end up in a situation where we need to stop the quiz and let the students go. And after searching the net and the system Event Viewer, there was a mistake in two moodle tables. One is "mdl_message" and another is "mdl_cache_text". Event viewer of windows tells that the above two table have crashed and has to be repaired. I issued a SQL Query "REPAIR TABLE mdl_message" and "REPAIR TABLE mdl_cache_text" but still then the issues are not cleared. so i empty the table "mdl_cache_text" and it was working fine then on. Moodle uses a table called "mdl_cache_text" which cache the texts that are used in as