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Network Simulator 2 workshop

VIT University is conducting gravitas a technical carnival from 16th September 2011 to 18th September 2011. There are so many events scheduled for these days and there are lot a many workshops running in parallel. Network Simulator 2 workshop is one such event happening on 17th September 2011 at VIT. Please reserve your seat as the seats are limited. Go to the following url and please make a note of it. The registration fee for the workshop is INR 500 only. So register yourself for the workshop and get the benefits. The following are the topics covered during the workshop. Topics for the Session (Morning Session - 3 hour session) 1. Introduction and installation of Network Simulation 2 2. Wired and Wireless Examples Afternoon Session (3 hour Session) 1. Recompiling NS2 2. Case Study (Wireless and Wired Examples) Resource Person T S Pradeep Kumar Fee and Duration Rs. 500 and 6 hours