Installation of Moodle in WAMP Server

How to install Moodle (a Course Management System) in WAMP Server (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Moodle is a course management system which helps in automating the academic process.

It is helpful in  managing courses, laboratories and project based education.  Using Moodle, a faculty can provide resources to the students in terms of giving a file or website links.

Also there are activities like quizzes, assignments, choices, databases, Forum, Wiki, etc can be created for the use of student.

It also helps in making a university/College as a Paperless Office System. Here is the Video on “How to install Moodle in WAMP Server”

Installation of Moodle in Wamp Server


  1. I really like this vedio. I was searching this kind of vedio from last 2 days. Awesome... Bingo to u....


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