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A new website for Network Simulators

Dear readers, For the past 10 years, I have seen the students of Computer/Electrical/Electronics Engineering interested to do projects in Network Simulator 2. Lot many times, I have cleared doubts and I have also learnt from them.

This website contains information about everything with caption “Know Thy all”. But mostly open Source technologies/tools. It is my long time wish to start a website only for NS2 and here is it. The new website link is given below.  running under blogspot.

The new website will carry information about the

  • Installation instruction of NS2 under various distributions
  • correction of errors/bugs in NS2 and in Linux
  • Graphing tools for NS2 like xgraph, tracegraph, gnuplot, etc.
  • About Omnet++ (another tool for network simulations)
  • Network Simulator 2 based projects
  • A little bit of consultancy also (to generate fund for running the new website)
  • and lot others.

So, I personally encourage my visitors to send your posts related to NS2 for publishing in the new website.

You may please send (if any ) to tspembedded at gmail dot com


  1. Well done Professor, Expecting more contribution like this to Open source community ..
    I hope that it would be very useful for researcher and students in Wireless Networking Domain ...

  2. yeah definitely.. thanks for your wishes...

  3. Dear Sir
    I have installed NS2 2.34 in fedora 14 and set the path.
    Still program is not running; nam files can be opened
    Pls reply

  4. Thank you
    I have installed fedora 14 and tracegraph

  5. Could you help me to write coding for game theory application in ad hoc network

  6. sir, just now i step into ns2. to know the basics what should i do? where i should start?

  7. Imstall first and refer the documentation

  8. hi sir,,,, i am currently working on NS2, can u plz tell me how to read NAM file. kindly help me

  9. hello sir i am doing a project in energy efficient routing for wireless sensor networks i am in need of source algorithms or codes.kindly please help me.thanks in mail id

  10. i want to combine two data packets and send it in mpls multicast network.
    Can you please guide me how to do this in ns2?


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