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C Interview Questions–to be solved

These programs were asked in various colleges/universities across India. These Questions were in my email dated 1999. So please let me know if any copyright information, so that I will remove it. But these questions are very much helpful for budding Student (engineers and interviewees). //  Carefully study the given program #include <stdio.h> #include <alloc.h> void main(void); typedef struct NType {     int i;     char c;     long x; }NewType; void main(void) {     NewType *c;     c=(NewType*)malloc(sizeof(NewType));     c->i=100;     c->c='C';     (*c).x=100l;     printf("%d,%c,%4ld",c->i,c->c,c->x); } /* What is the output of this program ? a)  It will produce a variable redefinition error b)  It will print some junk c)  It will print 100,C,100 d)  It will print 100,C,l100 */ // Carefully go through the following prog

C programs–For practice (to be solved)

#include <stdio.h> #define A     2 #define B     3 #define C     A - B #define D    4 - C main() {     int x = D;         printf("x = %d\n", x); } ------------------- #include <stdio.h> main() {     int i =3;     printf("%d\n", i++);     printf("%d\n", i++); } --------------- #include <stdio.h> #define A      RAM #define RAM     ram main() {     char *ram = "hello ram!";     printf("%s\n", A); } ------------- #include <stdio.h> main() {     int i = 5, sum = 0;         do {         sum += 1/i;        } while(0 < i--);     printf("%d\n", sum); } ------------- #include <stdio.h> #define max(a,b)    ((a) > (b) ? a : b) main() {     int i=5, j=5;     printf(" max = %d\n", max(++i, j++));     printf("i = %d, j = %d\n", i, j);

Royalty Free Software for Research from USC

University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute (creator of Network Simulator 2 software) is giving royalty free software for researchers and students in various computing domains. You can visit their link and download the software based on some acceptance. (almost all are free and open source). BSL: A system for learning blocking schemes (helpful for large Data Sources) Carmel Finite State toolkit (It is a finite state transducer package) EIDOS: Efficiently Inducing Definitions for Online Sources PowerLoom (Knowledge representation and reasoning system) ISI Rewrite Decoder RST Annotation Tool SPADE (Sentence-level PArsing for DiscoursE) BE: Basic Elements for Automated Evaluation of Summaries Tiburon is a tree transducer package TORC (Tools for Reconfigurable Computing) Trellis (Semantic Web) Wings (Semantic workflow System) Enjoy the Softwares that needed for you from the website of USC

Linux Basics for NS2

At many places, I happen to see researchers and students wanted to use Windows for NS2 rather than Linux. The reason may be, Linux is tough It occupies more space and more memory in my Computer Linux uses lot of commands and i am not aware of it Tough to handle dual boot OS (windows and Linux) always wanted to be in the cakewalk. (never try a new thing) etc But here are some basic tips for using NS2 under a Linux Machine. It is enough to know some basic Linux commands to work with NS2 (hardly not more than 20 commands) One should have a basic knowledge of how tree structure in Linux/Unix look like Finally, where to set the PATH information in Linux With all the above three, one can confidentally work on Linux. As for as windows is concerned, upto NS2.27 version is tested under windows and recent versions there is no hope (however it will work fine, but "Use at your Own Risk") Please see this post to install Fedora 12 in your Computer Now we will see some bas

Tracegraph installation in Windows 7

How to install tracegraph in windows . here are the steps Step 1: Unzip the tracegraph202.tar file to C: or D:  (in my case I extracted to D:/tracegraph202) Step 2: copy the path (DLL files) to the environmental variables (in my case the path is D:\tracegraph202\bin\win32 ) Step 3: that’s it run the trgraph.exe file which is available under the tracegraph202/ folder.

A new website for Network Simulators

Dear readers, For the past 10 years, I have seen the students of Computer/Electrical/Electronics Engineering interested to do projects in Network Simulator 2. Lot many times, I have cleared doubts and I have also learnt from them. This website contains information about everything with caption “Know Thy all”. But mostly open Source technologies/tools. It is my long time wish to start a website only for NS2 and here is it. The new website link is given below.   running under blogspot. The new website will carry information about the Installation instruction of NS2 under various distributions correction of errors/bugs in NS2 and in Linux Graphing tools for NS2 like xgraph, tracegraph, gnuplot, etc. About Omnet++ (another tool for network simulations) Network Simulator 2 based projects A little bit of consultancy also (to generate fund for running the new website) and lot others. So, I personally encourage my visitors to send your

Grouping in Moodle

If a same course is been handled by various faculty members, then a faculty member can feel that his “lecture notes” or “activities” or “Resources” can be shown only to his students or only to his group members. There is an option available for faculty members called as “Grouping”. The following video shows how a resource can be given to only a particular set of students and not for everyone. Grouping in Moodle

Creating a Resource in Moodle

To Create a Resource in Moodle

Installation of Moodle in WAMP Server

How to install Moodle (a Course Management System) in WAMP Server (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Moodle is a course management system which helps in automating the academic process. It is helpful in  managing courses, laboratories and project based education.  Using Moodle, a faculty can provide resources to the students in terms of giving a file or website links. Also there are activities like quizzes, assignments, choices, databases, Forum, Wiki, etc can be created for the use of student. It also helps in making a university/College as a Paperless Office System. Here is the Video on “How to install Moodle in WAMP Server” Installation of Moodle in Wamp Server