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Installing Ubuntu Inside Windows using Wubi

Wubi installer is one of the best way of installing Ubuntu OS inside windows (You need not make any partition at all). Here are the steps to install: Download the wubi.exe from here . Just double click the file wubi.exe and follow the instructions there of. You may get an error like " Permission Denied " or the software will try to download the ubuntu-xx.xx.amd-x.iso. in either of the above case, download the ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso and put the file under the same folder where the wubi.exe is stored now go to step 2 for installation. Once the Software is installed, reboot the system and click ubuntu instead of windows and follow the instructions. That's it. Ubuntu is installed inside windows. If you want to delete ubuntu, just go to (Windows 7) control panel -> Program and Features -> right click ubuntu and remove, in windows XP, goto Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> right click Ubuntu and uninstall..  

MAC Bounded Wi-Fi access for Linux Operating System

If you are working in Windows Operating System (XP or Vista or 7) and your company provided you the Wi-fi internet access in windows only and you wanted it to configure for your Linux OS (Fedora or Ubuntu, etc), then here are the list of steps Download wireless key view software from   Just run the software, it will give the list of Wi-fi stored in your Operating System along with its Key(Hex) and Key (ASCII) (look at the following pic) the above picture shows the Type of key, SSID Name, Hexadecimal Key and ASCII Key, You can copy the ASCII Key and Hexadecimal Key Go to your Linux OS and click the wireless network, Select the SSID and paste either the ASCII Key or HEX (Key), since the MAC address is the hardware address, the OS in your Computer will accept the key what you got through windows. You need not go to your administrator to configure your Wi-Fi access password for Linux (As they will not configure it, be