3D Glass with 3D–Anaglyph Maker

I recently downloaded a 3D movie through a website. I thought of viewing through 3d glass. So I made a search through www.google.com. I got it through www.ebay.in and ordered 3 pair of 3d glasses for Rs.149. But beforehand I thought of searching that in Chennai, I failed to get it in most of the places in and around Chennai. I got some response from some shop owners that the glasses are available at Ashok Nagar or KK Nagar.

But I want to see the film immediately, so I purchased two glass sheets of paper (Red and Blue). See the pics below. Both together costs just Rs.10 only.


Then I took my old sunglass, removed both the glasses and the cuttings from the two glass sheets (Red and Blue) was pasted as per the following arrangement. Now that’s it. I watched the film fantastically. May be you can prepare the mirror on your own.


But how to create our own 3D image. Go to this page (http://www.stereoeye.jp/software/index_e.html)and download the software given there. Following is the software window.

Give two images (Left and Right) and decide what type of 3D image you want (Red- Cyan or Gray or ….)


the superimposing of two images done either U (upper) or R (Right) or  L(Left) or D (Down). Then Save the image and that’s it. Here are few 3d images created with the above software.