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C Programming Assignments with Answers (21 Questions)

The following programs were solved by various friends. Hence if there are any mistakes/bugs/errors in the program kindly comment on at the end of the Post. We will try to rectify it. For downloading all the programs in a single PDF file: click this link 1The straight line method of computing the yearly depreciation of the value of an item is given by Depreciation = (Purchase Price – Salvage Value) / years of service.Write a program to determine the salvage value of an item when the purchase price, years of service and the annual depreciation are given. Program#include<stdio.h>#include<conio.h>int main(){int yr;float price,dep,salvalue;printf("enter the purchase price,years of service, annual depreciation");scanf(" %f %d %f", &price,&yr,&dep);salvalue = price-(dep*yr);printf("The salvage value of the item is %f",salvalue);getch();retu…