QR Code (Quick Response Code)


What is this code? This is called Quick Response Code which can be created using the http://qrcode.kaywa.com

The Image can be scanned using a mobile phone with a Basic VGA Camera and above. You need to download the kaywa reader to your mobile phone (there are some models only supported nokia, sony, samsung, motorola)

  1. Download the Kaywa reader (either jar or sis file)
  2. Open the kaywa reader application
  3. Open the place where the qr code image is available (it may be the screen, LCD projection on the wall, newspaper,etc)
  4. Once the camera took the image, the reader will process the image and then decrypt the message contained inside the image.

Please look at this video for a demo on how QR Code is decoded using a mobile phone. (Phone Model is Nokia 2730)

QR Code Demo