Installing Omnet in Ubuntu 10.10

To install Omnet on Ubuntu 10.10, the following are necessary

  • Java (jdk)
  • Gcc Compiler / G++ Compiler
  • zlibraries and other components

Here are the instructions

  • Download Omnet from  (the latest edition is 4.1)
  • Download the omnet-xxx.tgz file (its for linux)
  • Open the terminal, untar it to any folder in linux (in my case it is /home/pradeepkumar/) using the following command
  • tar zxvf omnet-xxx.tgz

  • go to the folder by this command cd omnet-xx/ (the above command creates a folder and untar all the contents into it)
  • execute the command ./configure
  • you may get some errors like unavailability of packages and dependencies, execute the following command to download and install all the packages
  • for running the following command, your machine has to be connected to the internet….

sudo apt-get install bison flex byacc zlib1g-dev tcl tk tcl8.4 tk8.4 tcl8.4-dev tk8.4-dev build-essentials libxmu-dev

  • once all are installed, type again ./configure (now this command will give some information to create a path)
    • Two paths has to be setup, PATH and TCL_LIBRARY
    • put the paths in the above file, /home/pradeepkumar/.bashrc
    • go to any line of that file and type export PATH=$PATH: <the path provided after configure command> and similarly export TCL_LIBRARY=<the path provided>
  • Log off and log on (this is to detect the PATH variables)
  • open terminal, go to omnet-xx/ and type


That’s it, the software is installed and it will give you the command to type omnetpp to run the software.


  1. sir,
    The explanation given by you for Linux is incredible. However, I will also like to know about the command lines of Linux shells in details.

  2. help me install omnetv3.3 in Ubuntu 9.04,hic


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