Sample C Program

/* This program is written by T S Pradeep Kumar on 28th Sep 2010

This is to display Hello World to the display unit


#include <stdio.h> //including the standard IO functions like printf(), scanf()

int main()


printf(“Hello World \n”);

return 0;


  1. stdio.h is the library which contains the printf(), scanf() and other standard IO functions, so before we use any function we need to include in our C program. Most of the compilers will take stdio.h automatically, even if we dont include in our program
  2. int main() {} is the main function
  3. printf(“Hello World\n”); printf() is the function which is printing to the display unit and it is displaying Hello World. Whatever is there inside the double quotes will displayed as it is in the monitor except the format specifiers or format codes (%d, %f, %c)
  4. return 0; is the final statement which returns the integer value 0 (this is just to make the compiler happy)

Here in the above program, you can see there are semi colons ;

Every C statement must end with a semicolon. If a statement is not completed, then there need not be a semicolon.


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