Top 10 Moodle Myths

  1. Once Moodle is stable, it will be put under licence. If it were any good, they’d already be charging for it
  2. Moodle needs a full time, php developer on your staff- or at least a lot of technical support to run it in house
  3. Moodle won’t be compatible with our other systems/software
  4. Moodle just doesn’t have the commercial experience we’re looking for
  5. You can’t just use Moodle out of the box – the basic Moodle install just isn’t that sophisticated
  6. There’s no documentation, training or technical support available – you’re on your own
  7. The Total Cost of Ownership is actually higher for Moodle than it would be with a wholly commercial platform
  8. Moodle is just no good for an institution as large as mine
  9. Moodle is just not designed to cope with my specific group of learners or customers
  10. We have all our stuff on *******, it’s just not worth the hassle of switching to Moodle


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