Inserting FLV Files (Flash Videos) in Wordpress

For people who host their blog using CMS such as Wordpress, you'll need a plugin and a Flash Media Player, so that people can play videos within the blog post.A Plugin called wordtube is available as a plugin in wordpress
and it is the open source JW FLV Media player.

Step 1: Download the from the link, uncompress the fi les on your computer, and you will receive a folder named ‘wordtube’. Do not rename it. Upload the wordtube folder into the plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/) of your blog using an FTP program.

Step 2: Download from jw-fl v-player/, uncompress it, rename the file player.swf to mediaplayer.swf and upload it into to the wordtube folder of your blog.

Step 3: Login to enter the admin area, activate the wordtube plugin from the list, and then go to Settings | Wordtube to configure the plugin. Go to Media | WordTube, and you’ll land on a page that says ‘Manage Media files’.
From here, upload a fl ash video.

Step 4: Now create a post or open an existing one if you want to use the video therein. Before previewing the post and video, enter a tag [ media id= ‘id’] in the content box and at the desired location inside the post. In this tag, replace ‘id’ with the number of the video reflecting in the Media Center. Also, add the playlist tag as listed therein. Finally, hit the ‘preview post’ button to see how the video plays, when published.

Source: December 2009, Chip Magazine