E-Learning through Blogging

E- Learning is one of the modern methods of active learning among the learners and the teachers.
Through various means, elearning can be achieved, one such modern tool available is through blogging.

So How to start a blog?
Following points indicates how to start a blog and how to post notes and other information for Elearning.
  1. There are many blogging platform like blogger, wordpress, typepad, livejournal, etc. (The best and free being the blogger and wordpress).
  2. go to http://www.blogger.com or http://www.wordpress.com and register with a username and start blogging.(If you have gmail ID, then you can use the same gmail id and password for blogger.com)
  3. Once you create a username and login the site, create a blog by identifying some title for your blog.
  4. For blogger, the url will http://tspembedded.blogspot.com (this is my own blog) and in wordpress.com, the url will be tspradeepkumar.wordpress.com 
  5. After creating a blog, write a new post, by typing a heading for the post and the content for the post.
  6. Each post can be in a category, for example, writing something about 8085 Microprocessors, (it may be in the category Or label as microprocessor. (later on if you want to add any number of posts in the microprocessor, it can be added). As an example, if you see my blog, i name the category as the subject name like Embedded Systems, Real Time Systems and now recently Linux Kernel Programming.  
  7. Once in a week, try publish the posts relevant to your lecture notes of subject content.May be at the end of the year or semester, you will be having a full book of information.
  8. The very first day of the class, may be the URL be given to the students, so that the students can be in touch with the subject on the very first day (as everyone is on the internet atleast once a day, for curiosity the students will definitely go and visit the website). If a teacher feels very tough to type the content and feels uncomfortable, then the teacher may invite students of a particular class and ask them to be contributor for that blog.
  9. All the blogging platform provides a way to comment on a particular posts, if the learner needs any doubt on a particular topic, he/she may raise a question through the comment section, which can be solved by the faculty concerned.
  10. There are other benefits also through blogging like attracting the visitors to your blog across the globe,  earn little revenues, after 2 or 3 years you may be having a notes of nearly 7 to 8 subjects and above all confidence level of the teacher will improve.