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Network Simulator 2 -Workshop

A One day workshop on Network Simulator 2 was conducted at Sri Vidya Niketan Engineering College, Tirupathi during March 2009. I have been invited there to give a guest lecture on Network Simulator 2.


Topics covered on the day are

  • Introduction to NS2, Linux and TCL
  • Installation of NS2
  • Wired and Wireless Examples
  • Recompiling a New Linux Kernel


  1. hello sir,,
    i'm a student of vidyanikethan colge could u send me any material/ppt's related to

    .Introduction to NS2, Linux and TCL
    .Installation of NS2
    .Wired and Wireless Examples
    .Recompiling a New Linux Kernel

    bcoz i'm belongs to 06 -10 batch so we hadn't gone through ur could u plz send me materials on ns2 project is on wireless data broadcasting..we need to show the output in simulators as how to create nodes like dat stuff we need sir.... waiting for ur mail sir..

    thanking u...

  2. hi sir
    when iam installing the ns2 2.31 in debian linux it occuring failure
    what i have to do
    can u give me any suggestions \
    its urgent waiting for u r reply....

  3. Sir,
    I am sorry to acknowledge a problem installing "Network Simulator 2.31" on Windows 7.It says cygwin.dll FILE NOT FOUND after installation.
    I wish your help in this regard.
    Ashutosh Kumar

  4. Kanthimathinathan3 September 2010 at 16:17

    Hello sir,
    Now i'm doing my final yr btech prj. In that i need to use ns2, so please fwd me the ppts of ns2.

  5. sir
    with u help i suceeded in installation of the ns2 simulator in windows using cygwin
    but only x-graph is working not the nam so tell me the solution.
    i am doing my project on WiMax for that i need the ns2 tutorial please help me ...
    waiting for u r reply.....
    thanking u sir,
    R D sabareesh

  6. Hello sir,
    i am the student of I have to learn ns2 in my practical and project work. can you pls send me the ns2 ppts and e-materials and wired and wireless examples?

    arjun joshi

  7. hello sir,
    i am student of me.i am new to ns2.can u please send me material related to wireless examples??
    or how we can generate an xgraph from wireless code??
    thanks & regards

  8. Sir
    Im doing a project on Mobile Adhoc networks(MANETs). Im using NS2 simulator. Im using windows7 Os. I installed cygwinX,NS2 2.34. when i want to enter the startx it is giving a fatal error. how to solve the issue. Below im attaching the fator error msg. Please send me the solution as early as possible. startx is working properly in other windows OS system. im getting this problem in WIN7

    A fatal error has occurred and Cygwin/X will now exit.
    Please open /var/log/Xwn.0.log for more information
    Vendor: The Cygwin/X Project
    Xwin was started with the following command-line

  9. Im rehena ,im working as a lecturer in Mohd sathak college chennai.i attended ur one day workshop in saveetha eng college but that was not enough for doing my research in wireless sensor networks .i need more details regarding ns2 pls send me the ppt sir.

  10. Sir,
    I M a student of Jahangirnagar University.I m new in Ns-2.i have download so many file for ns-2 software..but i dont know how to install it i search internet for solution but i cudnt find the exact solution...plz help me sending the Installation process of NS2 & Wired and Wireless Examples.
    Badrun nesa

  11. sir,

    i want to attend workshops in NS-2. u pls kindly infor me about the standard ns-2 workshops

  12. Balvinder Sharma28 July 2011 at 20:14

    i want to learn ns2 for my research purpose.please guide me for the same.if u knw abt an institute who's provides the training in ns2.plz send me details

  13. Balvinder Sharma28 July 2011 at 20:17

    i want to learn ns2 for research purpose.plz guide me for the same.if
    u hv knwlge abt an institute which provides the training in ns2 plz
    send me details

  14. Dear sir,
    I am faculty of a engg collge,wants to attend the workshop on NS2,some of my friends and students are also interested in doing.plz provide us the schedule for next workshop,or if possible we can arrange it in our college,yavatmal(MS)
    Thank you

  15. Respected Sir,

    We are planning to organize Latex workshop. We are looking for Expert for the same.

    Please guide. Waiting for positive reply.

    Vaibhav Dabhade

  16. Hello Sir,

    This is Sakhi Xavier doing Mtech(Digital Communication & Networking) under VTU university. Im doing my project on MANETs and using NS2 simulator. Kindly guide on installation of NS2 simulator on Windows 7.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sakhi Xavier.


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