Sample Files for Network Simulator 2

There are some example or sample files stored in the ns2 software itself
1. it is available in the following path

  • /opt/ns-allinone-2.31/ns-2.33/tcl/ex
  • the files can be running by issuing the command ns filename.tcl (only .tcl files can bu running using the command ns)
  • execute the command ns wireless-mitf.tcl (this will create two files in the same folder wireless_mitf.nam and
  • nam files means Network Animator Files, these files can be executed by nam wireless_mitf.nam
  • the Trace files can be executed by xgraph which is an inbuilt tool in NS2.
  • But Tracegraph is a third party tool which will take .tr files as the source file and various waveforms will be plotted


  1. Sir,
    I m in search of Tracegraph Analyser but is not available on net, can you help me for it or attach it to my mail for my project work related to performance of AODV.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  2. dear nilesh, check your mail

  3. Sir,

    I am new to this ns2, i am doing a project which need aodv routing. Can you provide some material for learning.



  4. sir,
    i couldnt download tracegraph and related MATLAB files from the net. i need it for my research work. could you please attach it to my mail.

    thanks in advance

  5. Sir I have got the tracegraph and mglinstaller.exe file and it has also created the bin folder with the win32 folder inside it containing all the .dll files. But even after adding the path of this folder in the environment variables it still gives an error and not able to rectify this. Can you please help me out in this and tell me how to add the path in Windows7 without any errors. Thank you.

  6. I tried to install ns2 in Ubuntu 11.04, I gave error. please give proper link(step) to install ns2


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