Software Testing, Verifiying and Validating

Verification - to ensure that all the specific functions are correctly implemented

Validation - to ensure that the software that has been created is as per the requirments agreed upon at the analysis phase and to ensure its quality


White Box Testing (also called as Glass Box)
  1. Testing the program flow
  2. Testing the conditions
  3. testing all the loop indices (start to last)
  4. all logical paths
  5. testing the function control structures and looping structure
Black Box Testing (Behavioral testing)
  1. testing in done with set of input conditions and events
  2. performance testing
Specific Environment Testing
  1. Testing GUI and User Interface
  2. Client Server Testing
  3. Test the display and keypad
  4. Testing the help utilities and Documents
Comparison Testing
  1. Several available versions are running in parallel and the functions and behavior compared

  1. Laboratory tools like Simulator, IDE, etc
  2. Program Break Points
  3. Macros
  4. Output files for Inputs
  5. Scopes (CRO, Storage Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzer,etc)


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