IO Devices (Input Output Devices)

Some Examples of IO Devices
Serial Input devices: Audio/video input, dial tone in a telephone
Serial Output Devices : Audio/Video Output, Dialing a Number
Serial UART Input: Modem, Keyboard, Keypad, Mouse
Serial UART Output: Modem, printer

Parallel Port Single bit input: Filling a liquid up to a fixed level
Parallel Port Single bit output: Pulses to an External Circuit

Parallel port Input: Encoder inputs for bits for angular position of a shaft
Parallel Port Output: Printer driving output bits

Serial Device
Serial Devices operates in three modes
When a byte or frame is transmitted at a constant time interval with uniform phase difference, then the transmission is said to be synchronous
Examples: Frames sent over a Local Area network.
Here byte or frame is transmitted at random time intervals
It is a special case where the max time interval can be varied


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