Embedded Systems Laboratory (RIDE)

Tools Used: Raisonance IDE (RIDE)

Microcontroller: Intel 8051, Atmel89C51 or Philips P80C51

Language to be used: “C Language”

Steps Used in using RIDE Tool

  1. Goto Menu bar “Project à New
  2. Name the project, Directory z:, Target is 80C51 and Type of Application is Application click next.
  3. Select the device “Philips P80C51and then click properties and select Harvard Architecture.
  4. Goto Menu bar “Fileà New à C Files”
  5. Type the C code and don’t forget to include “#include ”, since this header file contains all the ports bits and its address.
  6. Goto Menu bar “Project à Add Node Source/Application” and then select the C file which was typed in step 5.
  7. Goto Menu bar “Project à Build all”, if there are any errors during the compilation, then correct the errors and again the “Build all” or press Shift + F9.
  8. Goto Menu bar “Debug à Start ” or press “Ctl+D
  9. In the left side pane, under debugger pane you can see the Data Dump, Main Registers and Peripherals.
  10. For doing some simple programs, you can view the contents of any ports, timers, interrupt controllers, Main Registers.

(NB: the above steps is only for doing simple programs related to microcontroller 8051 and the raisonance IDE will not work for running Analog devices like Motor, sensors etc.)


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