Software tools for Embedded Systems

Final Machine Implementable Software

  • Its like a table of address and bytes at each address of the system memory
  • The table has to read as a ROM image for the targeted hardware.
  • bytes are allocated for Stack Space, Startup code, ISRs, Kernels,etc
  • If the system is updated, then the storage of bytes in the System ROM image also to be changed or updated.

Software for a Processor Specific Assembly Language

  • This technique is widely used now a days, in which the programmer should aware of the processor specfic assmebly language to program
  • Cross Assembler is one which creates object code for a target architecture in which the input is the assembly language
  • Cross Compiler is one which creates object code for a different target architecture in which the input is a high level language
  • Linker is an entity in which the linking files or libraries which are required to execute a program are linked during the runtime.
  • Loader loads the program from the secondary memory to main memory.
  • Locator also called as relocator deals with the addressing issues in the main memory.
  • Device programmer or program burner which downloads the exe file into the Chip or IC.

Software in High Level Languages

  • Mainly C, C++ and Java are the languages helpful in designing embedded systems,
  • C is major source language for embedded Systems.
  • C contains—– Preprocessing, Main function, Interrupt Service Routines, Tasks (number of tasks 1….N), Kernel or Scheduler, Standard Libraries or functions.

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