My Projects

Over the years from 1998, I have deployed and created so many projects that are benefit to the student and the faculty community. 

  • MOODLE - 
    • Deployed at VIT Chennai for the past 8 years and is going strong each year. Almost more than 2000 trees have been saved due to the paperless office system where the quizzes, lab records, assignments were carried out digitally.
    • Automated Certificate Generation with QR Code
    • Assignments, Quizzing, Workshop, Feedback
    • Book Writing, Wiki, Virtual Classroom Sessions, Blogging, mindmapping, etc. 
    • Most of the LMS facilities were covered in MOODLE
    • Conducted Soft Skills Exam for more than 4000 students in a day for a duration of 2 hours for each student. Maintained the Database, LMS and entire system single handed.
  • Big Blue Button (
    • Its a open source Virtual Classroom software 
    • Students and faculty members can be at any location, they can engage in a classroom session
    • Whiteboards are possible, PDFs can be shared, Polls can be conducted.
    • Can Record the entire session
    • Integrated with MOODLE
  • Linux Deployment in VIT Chennai
    • 70% of the laboratories migrated to Linux only mode where designed a customised Linux with Ubuntu as repository using UCK.
    • Whatever the student/faculty need for computer, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and Civil Engineering, all software were included in the customised OS.

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