MAC Bounded Wi-Fi access for Linux Operating System

If you are working in Windows Operating System (XP or Vista or 7) and your company provided you the Wi-fi internet access in windows only and you wanted it to configure for your Linux OS (Fedora or Ubuntu, etc), then here are the list of steps


  • the above picture shows the Type of key, SSID Name, Hexadecimal Key and ASCII Key, You can copy the ASCII Key and Hexadecimal Key
  • Go to your Linux OS and click the wireless network, Select the SSID and paste either the ASCII Key or HEX (Key), since the MAC address is the hardware address, the OS in your Computer will accept the key what you got through windows.
  • You need not go to your administrator to configure your Wi-Fi access password for Linux (As they will not configure it, because Linux OS reveals the Wifi Access Password )

1 thought on “MAC Bounded Wi-Fi access for Linux Operating System”

  1. Sir, in windows the mac published over the network is not the hardware one but the one stored in windows registry. That's why you can spoof the mac id.

    If the company provides access only by the mac id stored in windows registry then we won't be able to connect through linux (which publishes the hardware mac id).

    So is there any solution to this problem?

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