How to install Omnet++ in Windows 7

Installing Omnet++ in windows is a very easy task

Step 1:

Click the following link and download Omnet++ along with MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows – this gives the look and feel of Linux inside windows, it is similar like cygwin)–ide–mingw-zip

Step 2:

Unzip the file to C:/

(Now your folder looks like this C:omnetpp-4.1)

Step 3:

Open Command prompt and go to C:omnetpp-4.1 (The command is cd and cd omnetpp-4.1)

Now type the command mingwenv.cmd and press enter (Please type the commands as given in the following pic)


Step 4 :

A new window will be opening which looks like a Linux Shell (as shown in the following pic)


Step 5 :

Type the command configure (this command will check all the modules and set the path)

Type the command make (This will run for at least 10 minutes, but may vary machine to machine)

Once everything is done, you will get a successful message and type omnetpp to open the IDE

(Please Install JDK before all these steps, as Omnet++ IDE is based on Eclipse which needs JDK to be installed)

8 thoughts on “How to install Omnet++ in Windows 7”

  1. hello sir..
    im new to omnet++.but im very much eager to learn about tis.can u give me a breif intro and one sample simulation to run this..

  2. I am very thankful to the for OMNET++ it is very easy guidline how to install the OMNTE thanks again

  3. Hello sir

    will the tutorial tictoc given on web site work properly?
    because when i issue the command make, i get a message Tictoc not present , check .ini or .ned files.

    i'm following the steps given in the tutorial , yet i get this error message, please give me the solution.
    with regards

  4. thank you Mr.PradeepKumar, i was struggling since 5 to 6 days, and about to give up. Now i have successfully installed omnetpp on my lappy. once again thtnks a lot

    with regards

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