The video lectures of Science and Engineering Courses of IIT, IISc and with various other institutions is available in youtube for all for free access. More than 4700 video lectures are hosted in YouTube. The entire project is funded by Ministry of Human Resource Development (Government of India). The following […]

IIT, IISc Video Lectures on Youtube

Modules Needed Webform Module (download Link: http://drupal.org/project/modules?text=webform) To create form to display the student particulars, assignment information Captcha Module (download Link: http://drupal.org/project/modules?text=captcha) This module is to avoid the automatic submission Go to create content and click Webform A page is opened with the following menus Menu Link title – “Assignment […]

Students Assignment and Project Management using Drupal

Once Moodle is stable, it will be put under licence. If it were any good, they’d already be charging for it Moodle needs a full time, php developer on your staff- or at least a lot of technical support to run it in house Moodle won’t be compatible with our […]

Top 10 Moodle Myths

Download the source from the http://wordpress.org and extract or unzip it to the folder c:/wamp/www 1. Open the browser and type http://localhost/phpmyadmin and create a database for wordpress. I have created as wordpress. 2. Once the database is created, open a new window and type http://localhost/wordpress 3. First page may […]

Installing WordPress on your Server

Modules Operation: administer -> Site builidng -> Modules In the above diagram, the list of modules which comes along with drupal package is available. Some of the modules are enabled and some are disabled. It is upto the user that the modules can be enabled/disabled. To Enable, the checkbox to […]

Modules in Drupal

Assumptions To get Drupal up and running, you will need all of the following: A domain A web host FTP access to your web host OR A local testing environment For building sites, either a web host or a local testing environment will meet your needs. A site built on […]

Installing Drupal

Drupal, like most software applications, has a specific lexicon. Mastering Drupal jargon is useful for many reasons, not the least of which is that using Drupal-specific terminology can help you search for information more effectively. The glossary in this chapter will give you an overview of commonly used Drupal terms, […]

Drupal Terminology