Pradeep Kumar
Dr. Pradeep Kumar TS 
Dr. Pradeep kumar TS is a faculty member in computer science and engineering from VIT Chennai.  He also holds a position of Deputy Director (Academic Staff college).  

He holds a Bachelors (Electrical & Electronics) and Master’s degree in embedded system Technologies. Pradeepkumar though from an electrical engineering background, he is interested towards open source computing. 

He is coordinating the activities of Linux in the VIT Campus and he deployed MOODLE (a LMS) that caters to more than 8000 users of this university to enable the Paperless office system in academics. 

He deployed BigBlueButton (A Virtual Classroom) software that enables the student and faculty interact online and have a discussion outside the classroom. 

Also he has given various hands on sessions, invited guest lectures and workshops across the country on various topics like E-Learning, Digital Tools for Education, Embedded systems, wireless networks, network simulators, etc. 

He shares information through his blog www.nsnam.com and www.computeness.comHe can be contacted at: pradeepkumarts AT gmail.com