Installation of Google Chrome in Fedora 19

Fedora Linux Distribution is from the Fedora project owned by Red Hat.
  • Installation of any new software in Fedora distributions is usually a herculean task because the package dependencies have to be handled manually .
  • This post will tell you about the installation of Google Chrome in Fedora 19 (But the same procedure may also work for Fedora 16,17 or 18)
  • Download the Google chrome from and download the .rpm file (if you have 32 bit, download the 32bit version or else download the 64bit version) . In my case, I have selected the 64bit version.
  • Google chrome needs the following software as a dependency, so here are the commands
  • # su
  • # yum install wget lsb
  • # rpm -ivh google-chrome—–xxxx.rpm
  • if still the dependency error persists, download this software
and install it using
  • # rpm -ivh libXScrnSaver-1.2.2-5.fc19.x86_64.rpm
  • # rpm -ivh google-chrome—–xxxx.rpm
Google Chrome
Google Chrome in Fedora 19

Pradeep Kumar TS


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