How to Install VM Player along with VMWare Tools

VMWare Player

  1. Download the VM Player software from ( I used version 5.0.2)
  2. Install the software corresponding to the Host OS (My host OS is Linux Mint 15)
  3. Once installed, there will be some list of softwares gets installed. Open the VM Ware Player and Install the Guest OS (in my case it is Windows 8 64 bit)
  4. To see the shared folder, full screen, etc between the Host and Guest OS , VMWare Tools to be installed. But if you are not an administrator or any such issues in your host machine you may get an error like this   “There was a problem updating a software component. Try again later and if the problem persists, contact VMware Support or your system administrator.”
  5. To rectify the above error, you need to download the relevant “VMware Tools” for the Guest OS.
  6. I downloaded this software, vmware-tools-windows-9.2.3-1031769.x86_64.component.tar
  7. Install the above software using the commands one by one:

tar xvf vmware-tools-windows-9.2.3-1031769.x86_64.component.tar
vmware-installer - -install-component=vmware-tools-windows-9.2.3-1031769.x86_64.component

Once done, Open the Guest OS and See the DVD Drive (D: ) contains the installer (setup.exe) and run the setup.exe and  that’s it….!!!

Pradeep Kumar TS


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