How to Upload Quiz Questions in Moodle.

This post will help you in understanding how to "Upload" Quiz in  Moodle.
Step 1: Go to the Front Page of the Course - Click "Turn Editing On" (Top Right corner)
Step 2: Corresponding to the day of the Quiz, click "Add an activity or Resource"
Step 3: Select Quiz as shown below and Click "Add"

Step 4: Type the Title of the Quiz and leave the other contents (if you are unsure) as it is and click Save Changes.
Step 5: In the course page, click the "Title of the Quiz" and in the left hand side, you may see a menu called "Quiz Administration"
under Quiz Administration -> Question Bank -> Import

Step 6: Import the questions using "Moodle XML format" and there is no support for Hot Potatoes. You may send your hotpot files (jqz) files to me, so that i will convert it into Moodle XML format and send you back.

Step 7: Once the questions are Imported, Select the questions to the Quiz and thus test it.


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