Turn your Windows 8 into a Wi Fi Hot Spot

Windows 7 has a default Hot Spot facility and it being removed in Windows 8. However, there are some quite number of software to make Windows 8 PC into a Wi-fi Hot Spot.
Hot Spot means sharing 3G Network, 2G Network, Ethernet, etc for Wireless Access. Assuming that you own a tablet or ipad which does not comes with a Cellular facility, if you enable the following software, then you can make your computer into a hotspot and you can browse the internet from your Tablet or IPad.
There are two software,
  1. Virtual Router Plus
    1. Virtual Router Plus is free and also open source. You can download it from here. http://virtualrouterplus.com/
    2. You can name SSID as anything and you can set the password and share the network from the options (as shown in the image below)
  2. Connectify
    1. It is so simple, but it does not allow you to change the SSID Name and most options are supported only through ConnectifyPro (Which is a paid version)

The recommendation is to go to Virtual Router Plus and Enjoy!!!


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