Moving from Wordpress to Blogger

For What Reasons I wanted to Shift to Blogger
Today is the day, I am moving from Wordpress (Self Hosted blog) to Blogger (Custom domain). Though I feel my google pagerank can be affected, but still I would like to move due to the following reasons
  • Blogger gives me most of the things free.
  • I have a better control of everything with one account. (Google Account)
  • SEO is taken care automatically, since blogger is Google's own. (I need to use some plugin like Wordpress SEO, etc)
  • Better Social Networking (whether its facebook or google+).
  • Need not bother about the bandwidth of my hosting provider or the total space limitation.
  • XHTML issues are taken care automatically by Blogger.
  • Earlier in blogger, there was no Pages concept, now its comes along with blogger.
  • Google Panda Update (personally I feel that Panda will do a favor to their own product compared with others).
  • and there are lot more reasons
How I migrate to Blogger
  • First I created a blogger URL
  • Next I need to download all my posts from wordpress. Go to Tools-> export and download. There's a wordpress to Blogger conversion utility This link supports only 1MB. But my blog XML file is 4MB and I export the posts year by year (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011).
  • Login in to blogger and Settings -> Basic and added my new domain name and since I have my hosting using Godaddy, Blogger has a direct DNS Setup to transfer to Blogger
  • I set it right and here I go with my domain
Still what to be done
  • Now there are problems with the 404 Errors. So, if a missing page is visited by a visitor it will point to a old URL which has to be solved. Google gives a Webmaster Script code for that too. Moreover I used the same permalinks in wordpress that was supported by blogger. So i May not have any problem with all the links in my URL. 
  • But there may be some problems in the Label or Categories which will be solved.
  • Feedburner link has to be updated.
That's it.


  1. Sir, I think blogger have some limits(space).
    how to come over from that.

  2. Blogger defaultly uses
    Picasa for storing images.
    docs for storing Office Files
    you can use youtube for videos and there are lot more File Management Services likes,, etc.
    So having a space is not a great deal. Still if you want more space, you can get that also from Google by paying a small cost

  3. You can download the converters from here:
    if you want to avoid the 1MB limitation. There are simple bash scripts (also available version for Windows) to get the job done.


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