Get rid of rel=nofollow (to get google backlinks)

I have been running this website till 2008 and my website has a reasonable ranking (google PR, alexa or yahoo). But my page was indexed in google with more than 900 links, indexed with Bing and as well yahoo. Also i have backlinks with Bing and yahoo.

But there was no backlinks with Google. I thought the backlinks will come in future. I was waiting for more than a year, there was no such improvement (not even a single link).

Browsed through the net i felt there was a small tweaking has to be done with Wordpress (since my blog was hosted with wordpress). The actual problem is by default, wordpress comments are using the rel=nofollow which indicates the Google search engine not to follow the comments which are having rel=nofollow.

So we need to remove it either by adding a small code (modifying a php file inside the wordpress or else go for some plugin that get rids of the rel=nofollow). Google gives its Page Rank (PR) based on Google Backlinks too. So even if you have a good alexa, compete and other rankings, if rel=nofollow is there, then obviously the Google Page Rank will never go up.

There are quite good number of nofollow plugins are available. May be one such good plugin is No Follow Free.

I installed the plugin today and let me to wait for some more days to get Google Backlinks. (Up to my knowledge, Google indexed pages are different from Google Backlinks).


  1. Hi Sir,

    Looks like something is wrong about this post. So, your pages page rank is not based on the links in your page but from the links that come from other pages. I am sure that you understood that well. But you were referring to removal of rel=nofollow, which I strongly disagree because, its a good practice to no-follow the comments section to prevent some automated messages with links. Every popular comments provider does no-follow their comment sections Eg:DISQUS to prevent the automated comments. More over some one referring to your site will be of great value if it is from the content of the page rather than the comments section of the pages. In my opinion, advising not to use rel=nofollow is a mis-conception and you should definitely have that ON in your blog else it will tough to control the bad comments.


  2. Great site for backlink!!!
    Thank you


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