Month: September 2010

Data types

Declaration of variable names does two things it tells the compiler what the variable name is specifies what type of data the variable will hold So it is mandatory that each variable should belong to a particular data type. C supports different data types like integer, character, float, double, etc. Data type Size on a …

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Tokens in C

Tokens are classified as Keywords Identifiers Operators Constants Special Symbols Keywords Keywords are reserved by the compilers and keywords will not be redefined (means the keywords are not been declared as variable names, etc). There are standard 32 keywords in C compiler, and some compilers uses more keywords based on their specification. Here is the …

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Sample C Program

/* This program is written by T S Pradeep Kumar on 28th Sep 2010 This is to display Hello World to the display unit */ #include <stdio.h> //including the standard IO functions like printf(), scanf() int main() { printf(“Hello World n”); return 0; } stdio.h is the library which contains the printf(), scanf() and other …

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